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Take your career, business or event to the next level.

Strategize. Organize. Globalize.


Based in Metro-Detroit, our team has a combined 40+ years working successfully in the creative industries, trades and corporate sectors as freelance consultants aiding in project & business development, event production & management, design, marketing, staffing, youth development and training programs for all ages.


Working extensively in the Arts, Music,Dance, Theatre,Events & Entertainment Industries with additional clients spanning Downtown Development Authorities, Public Parks, Universities, Retail, Real Estate Projects, Restaurants, Entrepreneurial Training Programs, Legal and Trades Organizations.


We have developed an understanding  of how to 

maximize success and growth in each industry.   Our skillset is diverse and our network of experts is so large that whatever you may wish to achieve we have the network and expertise needed to get you there.


Our foundation of operations is based in integrity with constant care to maintain a high standard of honesty and ethics with a mission to improve the status quo and well being of our communities.


New clients will start with a free 30-minute consultation.


Then they will build a relationship with our team through hiring us for a one-off project. These require a deposit and will be billed on hourly rates payable weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on length of service and client agreement.


Clients are then offered the potential to sign onto a 3-mont, 6-month, or 12-month contract for priority access to our team for ongoing projects.

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