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SVAGR Events & Artist Services, LLC was started by Jodie Svagr, an industry professional who has worked with the production of more than 8,000 events and festivals in her career.  The mission of the company is to provide life experiences that enrich and strengthen people's connections with one another, always diligently working to connect the right people at the right time to produce eternally memorable results.  

Svagr has developed event production systems, programming and marketing campaigns for more than 15 years in the UK and U.S.A. 


Ask Jodie today about her: 


  • Marketing methodology & procedures resulting in explosive audience growth

  • Entrepreneurial developmental programs that successfully grow businesses

  • Production structures used for event programs that bridge racial & neighborhood divides PLUS influence the economy of downtown Detroit


Still have your attention, then you’re rad! 

Schedule a free consultation call bitly with Jodie today to clarify what areas you need strategic support to ensure your business moves ahead. You'll walk away with at least 1 key takeaway you can begin implementing immediately.



Jodie Svagr

BA (HONS) Theatre & Performance Technology - Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

*Production & Festival Management; *Lighting Design & Technology; *Arts & Music Management

Certificate in Entrepreneurship - Baker College

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