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Letter from the Director...

Letter from the Director...

Music Videos, Events, Marketing Materials

At SVAGR Events & Artist Services, we love meeting new people and taking on new challenges, but we typically only take on new clients that have been in one of our Taste & See challenges or are referred to us from someone in our network whom we've worked with before.  

Our mission is to treat everyone like family, where we work with helping people to change their status quo and live a life surrounded by art, music, peace, and financial growth.

Since our referral program is integral to the success of our company, we love to recognize and reward those that bring us amazing new clients to work with. 

To help you know what to refer us for, and make things a bit easier to recognize when you might refer us, we've created this page with the sections "What We Do","When & Who", & easy copy & paste email & text templates that you can edit for your own use.

Thank-you for your help in keeping our company filled with clients that are innovative, honest, filled with drive and integrity.    

Jodie Svagr

What People Recommend us for...

Coaching / Seminars

Artist in demand

Win at the booking  process for musicians.

music publishing

Win at the booking  process for musicians.

scaling your event company

Learn how to scale your event company

Staffing / Outsourcing

Event Managers

Event Coordinators

Event Licensing

Event Logistics

Event Design / Layout

Event Ticket Sales Management

Marketing Team: Research / PR /

             Social Media / Street Teams

Music Directors

Operations Directors & Staff

Parking Design & Staff


Signage Department

Sound / AV


Stage Managers & Stange Hands

Sponsorship Directors

Tents, Barricades & Infrastructure

Tour Managers

Vendor Coordinators

Volunteer Coordinators

Musician Services

Bio / EPK Creation

Contract Templates

Contract Mediation



Music Publishing Consulting

Sync Development

Event Services

Contract Templates

Contract Mediation

Event Checklists

Health & Safety Plans

Marketing / PR / Street Teams

Programming & Bookings

Special Event Permits

Ticketing Systems

grassroots & street team marketing

Street Marketing

tips & tricks

event programs that change

status quo 

Learn how to develop an event program series that can bridge fractured networks.

WhEN Someone might need us...

"We are struggling with kids fighting at our school. We just can't seem to get them to stop fighting."

"I'm about to do a marketing campaign to launch my new product, but I'm just not sure if the sales pitch is right."

"My monthly event has been going well, but I seem to only have this one that's successful.  I want to grow my company, but I'm not sure how or which direction to go."

"My event is next weekend and I'm totally short staffed."

"I've been releasing music, but I'm not getting anything from my publishing."

"I know the biggest payouts are with getting my music in films, but every time I submit something I never get a response."

"I'm spending a fortune on Facebook ads, but I'm not converting anything to sales."

"We want our cities downtown to be a gathering place that everyone wants to come to, right now no one wants to hang out downtown."

"I found this really cool spot that I want to throw an event in, but I don't want to get shut down if it's not licensed right."

"I keep sending my info to festivals trying to get on their line-up, but I never get a response."

We know your busy, so we created templates for you to use!

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