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5 Reason you must hire an Event Programmer to achieve your mission.

So, you are putting on an event or conference and you are looking to hire someone to produce it. You look through resumes and see expert Event Producers, Event Managers and Event Coordinators… all of which are needed in some capacity, but an Event Programmer can literally make or break your event.

So what does an Event Programmer do that the other roles may or may not do?

1. Event Programmers look at the mission of the event/conference and create a targeted program that will achieve the mission. They select program elements, and then they work with the element to assure that the content being presented matches the mission / goal of the event.

2. They will look at the desired target market and select specific program elements that will attract the desired target market, which in turn increases chances for attracting the desired audience.

3. An Event Programmer will work with the program elements to assure that the content they are presenting stays in line with the desired outcome for holding the event.

4. A good Event Programmer will spot areas that they can add elements that will enhance the mission of event/conference to bring greater value to the attendees and in turn create a stronger attachment to achieving the goal of the event.