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"Jodie Svagr is an exceptional individual.  In all my travels and involvement with people from around the globe I have never engaged a person with her level of spirit.  

Her soul is extraordinarily unique.  Possessing a certain ke ne sais quoi: a panache unique and genuine. Jodie’s blend of artistic creativity, humanitarianism, and call to action is fierce and unrivaled.  My existence has learned and prospered from her gifts of betterment for all and I am truly grateful."

Roger Harper, President
First Responders 4 Fitness 501(c)3

Working under Jodie as an intern for was an experience that I will always value both professionally and personally. Her genuine commitment to the growth and development of her interns allows for an internship with endless opportunity. The success I encountered was due to the freedom I was given to make my internship my own with great direction and assistance but no micro-management. I believe that the accomplishments I achieved definitely give me a competitive advantage in today's job market. Lastly, Jodie's easygoing, friendly and outgoing nature made my internship that much more enjoyable. I would enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Lisa Eberhardt
Account Supervisor
Finn Partners

I've actually had the pleasure of working with Jodie in a few different capacities, seeing her operate as a conference organizer, meeting planner, professional assistant, and networking specialist. Her work ethic is incredible and once shecommits to a job, she gets it done. Impressive on several levels.

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